4 Best Cordless Impact Wrenches With Battery Powered Units Reviews 2017

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What’s the Best Cordless Impact Wrench?

Still struggling with that aged and worn out electric drill which is certainly good for nothing? So, let me tell you it’s high time that you shift to the all-new cordless impact wrench. Try a spin and you’ll be getting obsessed to it with its first use only.

These cordless impact wrenches have numerous advantages over a simple electric drill. It comes with lithium batteries making it light weight and all the way more portable. An obstinate or immovable bolt would no longer be a problem because cordless impact wrenches make fastening or tightening of bolts very easy and effortless.

But the major dilemma these days is to find the best cordless impact wrench. With my experience, I can ensure you one thing, that all cordless impact wrenches (brands) are not the same. They do differ in quality and you need to employ your wit and intelligence to choose the best and most suitable one for you.

This article will help you get just what you need! This article is specifically written for the trades persons looking for tools creating least problems and doing more work. Here we list some of the best brands for you to make an intelligent analysis and choose the best cordless impact wrench for you. We also provide cordless impact wrench reviews by different customers so that your decision is not biased and is well versed.

Continue reading the article to solve the predicaments you might come across while choosing the best cordless impact wrench.

1/2″ Versus 3/8″: not both are same!!

While making a buying decision for the cordless impact wrench, you need to know that there are two alternatives prevailing: ½” and 3/8”. We are here for you to get the best cordless impact wrench, so let me make you acquainted with the contrasting and striking differences between the two. The main points of differences between ½” and 3/8” are COMPATIBILITY and POWER.

  • COMPATIBILITY: Half inch cordless impact driver is well suited for half inch sockets. And the latter works only with their corresponding items. So, that’s your choice; either to buy a new set of tools or go for the ones you’re already using.
  • POWER: Half an inch would give a much better torque indicating more strength. These are largely built and used for wheel nuts. While the other one can be used for brakes.

Cordless Impact Wrench vs. Driver: What’s the Difference?

Most of the people don’t really know that driver and wrench are terms with different meanings. So, they use these terms interchangeably. Functionally, these products work same but there is a difference between the two and cannot be used interchangeably.

Both these tools; drivers and impact wrenches set free a rapid and rotating force because of their large torque using a rotating hammering action. This hammering action provides a great force which can be highly effective in doing toughest tasks with great ease.

The impact drivers are different from cordless impact wrenches because they also provide a downward force along with that hammering action which usually these tools provide. Loosening stuck screws and bolts without stripping is a difficult task but this kind of downward force can be a great help in doing such tasks.

A quick release hex chuck also differentiates an impact driver from a wrench. While impact drivers are characterized by a “female” hex chuck and cordless impact wrench usually has a half or three-eighth inch square drive.

You may use any of these according to your requirements. Now, this article highlights the best cordless impact wrenches brands and reviews by different customers.

Dewalt: A light, portable, cordless impact gun with great reviews

Dewalt, a brand name you all must be familiar with for they are one of the topmost and leading brands in cordless impact tool field. Their tools are known for their heavy-duty and hard wearing performance. Most importantly, their 18V drills and impact wrenches are very famous and known for their durability and effective functioning.


  • Light in weight.
  • Small in size; making it portable.
  • Weighs about 1.58 kg.
  • 6 inches long.

The feature that distinguishes it from others is that it offers 18 V nominal voltages and it comes with a durable lithium battery. The battery also possesses a feature that would display the amount of juice left and the recharging speed as well.

The cherry on the cake is its 3 LED lights that can help you work in dark without any troubles. Also, the grip is very comfy and comfortable.

It lags behind in no way whether it is power or its durability. 1560 inch pounds of torque…. Isn’t that just amazing? If you want more… then go for half inch model. Although heavy and bulky but has more torque.

Undoubtedly, Dewalt comes with all amazing features and is one of the best cordless impact wrench brands. And yes it’s affordable too!!

Bosch: A small but mighty cordless impact gun

Bosch provides you with a range of small and handy cordless impact wrenches that you can carry anywhere without having bothered about its weight. However, its light weight and small size in no way make it inferior to other competitors because it’s amazingly powerful.

If you want a tool that is small in size and can do your repairing tasks at home easily, then Bosch wrenches are the right choice. They are not much expensive as well.


  • 18 Volts power.
  • Torque of 1600 inch pound.
  • 3200 impacts per minute.
  • Performs toughest of tasks with great ease.
  • Weighs somewhat about 3-3.5 pounds.

Half inch Bosch model offers a 500-foot pound of torque. Inbuilt LED lights help to illuminate your work without much strain on eyes.

Only one negative point that I must mention here is its soft case that’s not much durable as compared to the hard plastic case. Otherwise, there’s nothing else to complain about and this cordless impact wrench is definitely very much pocket-friendly and powerful at the same time.

Ingersoll Rand 5130: Powerful, pro-quality portable impact wrench with top marks for power

When it comes to professional work, Ingersoll Rand 5130 is a suitable choice. It performs all exhausting and demanding tasks very efficiently.

It has very effectual lithium batteries and gives 20 V power for doing a hard day work efficiently. Tasks like auto work and construction jobs can be done with this impact wrench.


  • Metal drive body.
  • Hammering action.
  • Torque of 180 foot pounds.
  • 2800 impacts per minute.
  • Half inch version is very powerful.
  • Chemical resistant plastic.

It can work for long for about 6-8 hours because of its everlasting batteries of 1.5 Ah. It offers double capacity as well… all that needs to be done is a switch to 3 Ah batteries.

It is a well equipped cordless impact wrench tool that includes a battery, charger, and a hard plastic case. It is very much well- suited for professional and commercial requirements.

Milwaukee M18 Fuel: with high torque, a top quality battery powered impact wrench

Milwaukee is a first class brand which provides the finest and the best cordless impact wrenches. The unmatched M18 fuel that makes it highly powerful and efficient is a remarkable feature. It also provides an implausible amount of torque that will make you go crazy.


  • Half inch version is more powerful than the three-eighth inches.
  • Incredibly powerful fastening or tightening torque of 700-foot pounds.
  • Extraordinary loosening torque of 1100 foot pounds.
  • Hard plastic case.
  • Kit also has a charger and 2 batteries.

The cordless impact wrench tool by Milwaukee has a brushless motor that makes your tool cooler and less prone to damages; ultimately enhances its durability. The batteries contain a good amount of juice and are charged up in just 1 hr 15 minutes.

This cordless impact wrench offers other astonishing features like: a battery level indicator, an automated shut down mode which prevents overloading and overheating, a metal nose and a chemical resistant body.

This is surely one of the best one you’ll get. It is worth your spending and has great value for it provides premium quality work.

I’m more interested in a portable impact driver…

No problems at all!! Driver is also not a bad option. The above-mentioned brands produce some of the finest and best quality cordless impact wrenches.

You will need a driver if you want to remove bits without stripping them off. So, it’s a better option in case you have more bits than sockets.

As I earlier mentioned that this article focuses on best cordless impact wrench reviews and not drivers, so I will not enlist the impact drivers by these brands. However, they are almost the same. But remember before buying, do your homework and proper research so that you don’t have to regret later.

Is a cordless impact gun BETTER than a battery powered drill?

Of course, no is my answer to this question. All because both of them have different tasks to perform and different purposes to serve.

Dewalt is the brand that offers both these products but I always prefer impact wrench over drill because that’s more than enough!

The wrench is my priority because it is small and lightweight plus it is much more powerful. But for household chores and tasks a simple drill is suitable. And yes, of course, cordless impact wrench is your long- term partner and much more beneficial.