5 Best Electric Impact Wrenches That Will Let You Do Jobs Faster


When we talk about the categories of electric impact wrenches, we have two kinds of tools which are effortlessly accessible- one consumes their functional power from batteries and the second one from a power outlet. There is one more category of the wrench which is tagged an air impact wrench and is very problematic and burdensome to manage. In comparison to a best-corded impact wrench, cordless are easy to use.


An electric impact wrench is very smooth to use, you just have to connect it to plug and let the electricity pass in. All you have to do is grip the nut or bolt that you’re going to fasten or loosen. This is the only gadget in your workshop which lets you do your jobs in a speedy way. If we have allowed some space to air impact wrench in our workshop then we’ll surely allow a gadget to hurt our wrist. The grip of this type of wrench is not so friendly. The batteries won’t work for a long period, so it will not provide you with assistance for a long time.


Take a look at this list of the best electric impact wrenches of 2015 – There are some types of wrenches which suits to your workshop needs. No matter who you’re, one of these wrenches from the following list will surely be part of your demand.


1. Ingersoll-Rand W7150-K2 1/2-Inch High-Torque Impact Wrench

The W7150-K2 from Ingersoll-Rand is the cordless wrench. The value of this wrench stands with the value of about $455. If you’re too comfortable while working with impact wrenches, W7150-K2 is the right gadget if you’re planning to upgrade your wrench with little more prices. This electric impact wrench review is very fine and easy against best-corded impact wrench.

  • The highest torque limit is 1,098 ft-lbs and reverses torque limit is 782 ft-lbs. This is first-time cordless electric impact wrenches.
  • It is very light weight with just 7 pounds. In the terms of durability, it is just as strong as steel.
  • The carrying case is hard and sturdy.
  • The speed controls are same as other impact wrenches.

The W7150-K2 is not made for you if you’re using impact wrenches for couple times in a month. You can spend your bucks on other tools which give you more power in your workshop.

If you’re running an automobile shops and use impact wrenches a lot, then W7150-K2 is the very fine choice for you.

DEWALT DCF880HM2 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench

2. Dewalt DCF880HM2 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench

The second best electric impact wrench is DewaltDCF880HM2. It is finest and first rated best power tool which is usable in 2015. After looking at its specifications, it is unfair to call it just impact wrench, that’s why we call it best power tool.

  • It’s small, but not tiny – The height of this power tool is 5.6” and the weight is 3.5 pounds. This specification means that it is portable. The staying power of this tool is not abandoned by its size. It is so small and looks like a plaything.
  • Exceptionally useful lighting – When we talk about the best power tool, we always want it to be perfect at every level. It is restricting a very disturbing thing to happen in the best electric impact wrenches by giving us the option to set the lights on for 20 seconds after the trigger release.
  • The batteries rock – The batteries are very powerful as it gives 30% more power in comparison to other impact wrenches. It comes with XR Lithium-Ion battery. It is the best electric impact wrench.
  • One of the best warranties – The craftsmen of this best electric impact wrench (Dewalt) is offering a repair of up to three years. In comparison with Dewalt, other manufacturers offer the limited warranty of up to 90 days.


They also propose you with the sturdy case and an additional battery pack. If you are the one who involves in power backup of this tool, then DCF880HM2 is the powerful tool. This electric impact wrench review gave us a lot of positive vibes.

If you’re planning to buy a ½ inch impact cordless electric wrench than best-corded impact wrench buy this model DCF880HM2. In comparison with other models, it is the best electric impact wrench.


3.DEWALT DCF889HM2 1/2-Inch High Torque Impact Wrench


When it comes to best electric wrench review, Dewalt tools stand with very positive reviews. It is very well and healthy rated, even on third party websites. This electric impact review is very tough to believe as 90% of reviews are in the 5-star category. DCF889HM2 is such an unimaginably awesome.

Some features are given below:

  • Sleek design – It is very excellent and skillful tool. You can buy this best electric impact wrench under $300. You can satisfy your customers when you adopt this tool in your workshop. It gives 400ft-lbs of torque
  • Ridiculous battery – The battery goes for more than 5 hours so it is a very crazy thing for positive reviewers.

DEWALT DCF883M2 3/8-Inch Impact Wrench

DEWALT DCF883M2 3/8-Inch Impact Wrench

It is as same as the #2 model DCF880HM2. There is only a size difference in both best impact electric wrenches. The size of this model is 3/8. This is an upgraded and newer model of Dewalt as it is a bit sharper than the previous one. This electric impact wrench review is equal to the previous one. Dewalt believes in quality and they are loyal to their customers. The time period of warranty is still same as the previous model. This unit is also sturdy in behavior. The electric impact wrench review steals a title of “good” by users.

If you want to spend $250 and also the size of 3/8, buy this best electric impact wrench DCF880HM2 than to buy best-corded impact wrench.

Tradespro 837212 1/2-Inch Cordless Impact Wrench

DEWALT DCF883M2 3/8-Inch Impact Wrench

All best electric impact wrenches are not expensive as previous ones. This electric impact wrench review is valued cheap and best. This is also a cordless Impact Wrench for $60?

This is most sold electric wrench due to its low price. It gives you the torque of 240 ft-lbs which is for smaller duties. If you’re buying this to save bucks, then don’t expect too much from this tool. It won’t give you a heavy usage. This is easy if we compare with the best corded impact wrench.



Above mentioned wrenches are the best impact electric wrenches if you’re looking for cheap or expensive tools. These are five best rated electric wrenches. All electric impact wrench reviews are very fine and good.