AIRCAT 1150 Or Ingersoll-Rand 231C, Which Is The Best Corded Electric Impact Wrench

The Best Corded Electric Impact Wrench on the Market?

When you are going to purchase a tool, it is very important for you to realize – that one has features you just desire for. Both the AIRCAT 1150 and the Ingersoll-Rand 231C have already been so popular across the globe for their excellent features and advantages. They are the best corded impact wrenches even on Amazon. However, when you want to buy a tool, you had better consider the following thing:

Does This Tool Meet Your Requirements?

This is when we want to discuss the AIRCAT 1150 and the Ingersoll-Rand 231C  in details in order that you can be able to make out which one you should consider and how each of them will help you. Just keep reading.

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Why The AIRCAT 1150 Is Unique

It is believed that the low noise level of this tool is a great attraction. If you use the impact wrench which sounds very loudly, you will surely have a bad time. Tools are loud, we know. But Working with an intolerable one is doubtlessly an annoyance. This is where AirCat comes in handy. This great tool is known as a ‘quiet technology’. At the maximum setting, the AirCat 1150 outputs just 86 db of sounds. That means when you keep sitting in your car on a busy road and listen to the vehicles go by, you will get the same level sound. This is loud but not deafening.


Greater Motor

Its motor is 15% bigger than equivalent impact wrenches, and so, more power can be produced by the AirCat 1150. The result is in the specs, and in spite of its improved motor, this electric impact wrench proceeds to cost it really fairly.


Very Reasonable Price

Only less than around $200 is really a reasonable price for what you get. Sometimes you can buy it at a cheaper rate than this, as well. You can find third party sellers on Amazon and they offer a cheaper rate than the AirCat themselves do. Still, you will get the warranty you would from the AirCat. On Amazon, ‘toolcritter’ is now selling it for cheap price. You can even be able to see lower than this, too.


2-year Warranty

Yep, you will get a massive  2-year warranty for each part of this drill. Including the labor for all fixes, it can be a great deal. Therefore, in case anything breaks, make a call to AirCat so that they can sort you out.

Are you going to take a decision? If you look for the best corded electric impact wrench, the AirCat 1150 can be the best choice. You can get a quality product at a very reasonable price, and the warranty must play a vital role in your consideration.

Ingersoll-Rand 231C Review 2017

Lots of impact wrenches are available on Amazon, and among them,  the Ingersoll-Rand 231C has become the best seller. But please, keep in mind that what is good for others may not be right for you. You are always suggested to make an educated buying decision especially when you are going to purchase a tool.

Therefore, we are going to let you see whether the 231C is for you or not. You will be able to take the right decision after you go through our thoughts and the specs of the tool.


The Cost of The 231C

The cheapest price ever on Amazon. Right now it costs just less than $150. The price may be changed a little from time to time. But to be honest, this low price won’t equate to a low-quality product. When you pick up the unit, you can uncover that  the 231C feels solid. In order to give you durability, most of that frame is metal. Most of the users claim the feel surely matches the reality.

You will get a 1-year warranty, so, save the receipt. If somebody buys this online, he/ she will get a confirmation email. Archiving this email, the customer can be safe.


Disadvantages of The 231C

Nothing can be perfect. In spite of being acknowledged as the best one, the 231C has a few disadvantages. The first disadvantage is – you should lubricate this very often. You may face a few problems with the instructions included in the box. However, the support will be very effective and they will solve your problems immediately. You may have to make a call for the maintenance if you are a regular user. But this is comparatively a small inconvenience.

The second disadvantage is it is made in China, but it is just a disadvantage for them who want to purchase only American products. If you purchase this from the Chinese manufacturer, it will come within weeks.

The third disadvantage is its output is 99 db in spite of its  size. This is pretty loud. This tool is somewhat louder than your hair dryer before starting drilling. This level of sound won’t damage someone’s ear drums.


Why  231C Is Great

The 231C is definitely a fighter. It handles loads of run time without any scheduled maintenance or even timely oiling. You can drop your tool on the ground as well as when you pick this up, you will see it is working because of its well-built steel finish.


Is This Corded Impact Wrench for You?

The 231C may not be suitable for you if you work with heavy machinery. It has much speed and power, nevertheless, it cannot be enough for your bigger jobs.

In case you are worried about having adaptable drill bits, the 231C cannot be for you. It can manage ½ inch ones, as well as in case you have anything which is a varied size than that, you are usually out of luck.


However, those who are looking for a reliable, well-built, light and compact impact wrench, the Ingersoll-Rand 231C can be a great deal for them. It helps you get your job done appropriately. It will last forever so that you cannot be in a situation of spending money for new tools and new jobs.

Now it is time for you to opt for the best corded electric impact wrench you need.