Ingersoll Rand 2135QTIMAX 1/2-Inch Air Impact Tool Review 2017


Ingersoll Rand 2135QTIMAX 1/2-Inch Air Impact

Ingersoll is always known to produce the best air impact tools and it has again covered up its reputation with a great air impact tool the Ingersoll Rand 2135QTIMAX 1/2-Inch Air Impact Tool. This machine comes with a titanium duty body and weighs as light as 4 pounds.  It is one of the best performers at this price point.  This brand has always been one of the topmost choices of automobiles professionals.



This great product comes with a weight of just 4 pounds. Next is the unique thing with Ingersoll products, the quiet tool technology which reduces the noise from the tool. The tool is only 6 inches in length. The features of MAX power and extended control increases the reliability of the product. They also add up to the comfort level and convenience of the product. It comes with a max speed of 15000 RPM which gives a power packed performance to the user. It has a minimum torque of 25 ft. lbs. while the maximum torque goes high up to 251 ft. lbs. The air inlet size of the machine is 1/2” which is normal in this segment.


While the on paper specs of this product look pretty well we tested this machine too. While using this fabulous machine we didn’t faced any problem even for doing tedious tasks. It’s a very strong tool which can pull off most of the crank blots even if they are stuck deep. It is very light and very comfortable. The best thing about Ingersoll products is the low noise mechanism which delivers here too. The silence mechanism works pretty well by decreasing the amount of sound produced and thus also reduces jerks and vibrations while using it. The body however looks a bit fragile and we of course can’t guarantee what would happen if you drop this machine. Moreover at this price point this machine looks fabulous. Here is the list of things we liked and the things we didn’t liked


  • The light weight body gives you a great level of comfort while also ensures that your hand doesn’t pains even after prolonged usage of the machine.
  • Quite powerful it can even loosen the toughest of bolts.
  • The quite technology works really fantastic.
  • Great control due to forward and revers buttons.


  • While the forward gear has great power the backward gear was not quite fantastic when it comes to power.

Customer Reviews and Ratings


On Amazon It was rated by 391 customers and has an average rating of 4.6 stars. One of the reviewers quoted that

“An all in one machine that serves the purpose significantly very light weight and easy to handle cannot expect more in this budget and size. “

  • Daniel

However a sad customer also quoted this about the product:

“Waste of money, received the delivery today. It’s nothing but a small and weak impact wrench with no power. It has some great features like silence and compact size but it does no has any power.”

  • Gregory



We have found this machine to be a fabulous tool for your everyday toolkit. In fact some of the professional workers might also like this thing.